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Jeff Elrod
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Jeff Elrod
Untitled, 2016
UV Ink on Fisher Canvas
144 x 108 inches
(365.8 x 274.3 cm)

Jeff Elrod’s practice is rooted in the tradition of American twentieth-century abstraction. He is known for his paintings that employ a unique combination of digital and analog techniques. Early in his career Elrod developed a method of making what he refers to as “frictionless drawings”:  gestural compositions that he creates in the virtual workspace with the use of a computer mouse and basic software. These renderings are then transferred onto canvas employing a combination of digital printing and manual application. Through this multifaceted process the original drawings are adapted and transformed.  Elrod was among the first artists robustly to explore the pairing of digital and conventional painting techniques in order to expand the language of the medium; his working method has evolved in tandem with changes in technology. Throughout his work, Elrod aims to depict a kind of “screen space” in order to examine the dichotomy between traditional painterly space and the virtual space of the computer.

Elrod (b. 1966, Dallas, TX) has exhibited at numerous important institutions in the United States including MoMA PS1, New York, NY; Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY; Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT; Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, FL; and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO. Paintings by the artist are in included in prominent public collections such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY; Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Collection, Washington D.C.; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston,  TX; and Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN. Elrod is the recipient of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award (1998), and the Claire Hart De Goyer Award bestowed by the Dallas Museum of Art (1992).

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Jeff Elrod
V, 2020
Inkjet ink and acrylic on linen
86 1/8 x 68 inches
(218.8 x 172.7 cm)

Jeff Elrod
The Last Handshake, 2020
Inkjet ink and gesso on linen
83 3/4 x 58 7/8 inches
(212.7 x 149.5 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Blue Trance, 2019
Inkjet, acrylic, and spray paint on linen
73 1/2 x 58 in
(186.7 x 147.3 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Brutalist Study II, 2016
UV ink and spray paint on canvas
118 1/2 x 84 inches
(301.0 x 213.4 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Rubber-Miro, 2015
Acrylic and UV ink on canvas
84 x 69 inches
(213.4 x 175.3 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Monocle, OR, Bring Me the Head..., 2014
UV ink and acrylic on Fisher canvas
96 x 74 1/2 inches
(243.8 x 189.2 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Cherub, 2014
Acrylic and tape on canvas
65 x 63 inches
(165.1 x 160.02 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Untitled (green screen), 2014
Acrylic on canvas
93 3/16 x 88 3/8 inches
(236.8 x 224.5 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Track 5, 2014
Acrylic on canvas
66 1/2 x 63 inches
(168.9 x 160.0 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Seeing Things, 2014
UV ink and acrylic on Fischer canvas
94 3/4 x 90 inches
(240.67 x 228.6 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Night Flight, 2013
Acrylic and enamel on canvas
96 x 74 inches
(243.84 x 187.96 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Double Steal, 2012
Acrylic and ink on canvas
90 x 74 inches
(228.6 x 187.96 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Red Line, 2006
Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas
80 x 62 inches
(203.2 x 157.5 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Ethernot, 2005
Acrylic on canvas
Diameter: 42 inches (106.7 cm)

Jeff Elrod
Asteroids, 1994
Acrylic on canvas 
96 x 72 x 3 inches
(243.8 x 182.9 x 7.6 cm)


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