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Elrod green blur painting
Elrod green blur painting

A view of  Jeff Elrod's "Nobody Sees Like Us." Credit: Matthew Septimus

“Nobody Sees Like Us” is the emphatic title of Jeff Elrod’s marvelous and elucidating little exhibition at MoMA PS1. Those four words conjure a world of distinctly human possibility — of memory, pleasure and responsibility — that resonates richly, especially if you define “sees” as not just the visual act, but also as understanding.

The four paintings in Mr. Elrod’s show, however, stick strictly to the visual, making the act of seeing uncommonly visceral. Measuring at least seven feet high, they depart from his characteristic off-kilter geometries, which he plots on a computer and transposes to canvas by hand. (Such works were seen in a beautiful exhibition last fall at the Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.)

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