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Black and white photo of a man and a woman wearing hats
Black and white photo of a man and a woman wearing hats

Yasumasa Morimura, One Hundred M’s self-portraits, (1993-2000).    PHOTO: COURTESY THE ARTIST AND LUHRING AUGUSTINE

2. Yasumasa Morimura at Luhring Augustine, New York

One of Japan’s most celebrated conceptual artists, Yasumasa Morimura’s staged photographs, performances, and films have been attracting international acclaim for the past 40 years. Transforming himself into prominent artists, actors, singers and historical figures from the past, the artist challenges prevailing perceptions of Western femininity, identity and fame. From his large-scale, color photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor—from 1996, the year that he was a finalist for the coveted Hugo Boss Prize and part of its Guggenheim Museum show—to his indexical group of 100 black-and-white self-portraits, made between 1993 and 2000, his playful pictures continuously keep viewers amazed and amused.

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