Yasumasa Morimura, A Requieum: Unexpected Visitors/1945, Japan, 2010

In this new show combining performance and video, Yasumasa Morimura offers a vision which is a mixture of his own personal story, the history of Japan and the history of art in Japan after the Second World War. Through a choice of figures from modern history, he questions the variety of interpretations arising from the idea of the ‘self’ which he has developed in his work since the start of his career.


Yasumasa Morimura works as a conceptual photographer and has been making films for more than three decades. He has become one of the most important figures producing “staged photography”. Using accessories, costumes, make-up and digital manipulation, he has transformed himself into subjects from Western art as an examination of the cultural canons. By reinventing the iconic figures from the history of art, he challenges not only the traditional male viewpoints, but also commentates on the assimilation of Western culture in Japan.