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Janine Antoni: Moor and Touch

Janine Antoni, Touch, 2002, video installation

This autumn on Stockholm University’s campus, Accelerator displays two works by Janine Antoni: Moor (2001) and Touch (2002). This exhibition is made in close collaboration with Magasin III, who have lent these works from their collection. Moor (2001) and Touch (2002) present the results of two performative acts in which life situations and life stories are linked together.


Moor (2001) will be displayed in the Aula Magna gallery. Janine Antoni learned how to braid using traditional rope-making techniques. This piece is comprised of unusual and personal objects donated to the artist from multiple sources. The sculpture, which takes the form of a rope, contains everything from cat hair and dental floss to Christmas lights and plant samples. The work still continues to evolve today and is constantly being extended.


The video installation Touch (2002) is a progression from Moor and will be projected on Accelerator’s future entrance. In the video, Antoni is balancing on a line that runs parallel to the horizon in front of her childhood home in Grand Bahama Island. Antoni describes the training process as an exercise in feeling comfortable with being out of balance.


Accelerator’s research groups have participated in the process of developing Moor by donating objects of their own and stories related to their professional identities. The materials were sent to Antoni’s studio in New York to be joined together by the artist for a new segment of the sculpture. This addition joins Moor for the first time in November 2019.