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Janine Antoni: IN/SITU

Janine Antoni, Bridle, 2000, Full Ayrshire hide, hardware, rope.

Installed within the expansive, vaulted architecture of Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, IN/SITU features large-scale sculpture, video, film and site-specific works. For the 2019 program, Jacob Fabricius, Artistic Director at the Kunsthal Aarhus in Denmark, curates a selection of work featuring artists from leading international exhibitors participating in the exposition, inlcuding Janine Antoni.


In Bridle, Antoni includes a replica of the backpack she once used every day. To render the backpack, while maintaining its attachment to the hide from which it was fabricated, Antoni contemplates the relationship of the product to its originating body. The work makes clear the trajectory of production, while still reminding us of its source. The effect conflates the space between fabrication and consumption. Walking around the back of the hide, the viewer can see the straps of the backpack at shoulder height, allowing them to imagine wearing the fate of the cow on one’s back. The appearance of a tail on the reverse of the work becomes perverse, as if a desire for reanimation.