Guido van der Werve, Nummer zestien, the present moment, 2016

FuturDome presents the most complete European retrospective on Guido van der Werve. As un-finished house and independent museum FuturDome turns its spaces into a natal homing for the Dutch artist. The exhibition includes his most representative endurance narratives and it’ll become a paradoxical, extreme domestic stage for a site-specific performance planned during miart week. The most international appointment dedicated to Contemporary Arts, in Milan.


On April 9th, two days before the finissage, Guido van der Werve will act an unedited performance for Milan, with the purpose of making present the universal and transcendental reception of his allegorically-based knowledge of our world. The performance, thanks also to a 27 musicians orchestra (Orchestra Filarmonica dei Navigli), will examine the limits of human agency and the agency of an object in action. It’ll show a physical practice stimulating the movement of matter receiving form, a movement that emerges as a result of the relationship between the human body and the object. It will not aim strengthening the impulse to live a physical relationship with things, but it’ll be focuses on facilitating forms that make that relationship visible.