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Mattia Bonetti - Drawings - Exhibitions - Luhring Augustine

For immediate release:

Luhring Augustine is pleased to announce the launch of the publication Drawings by the designer Mattia Bonetti. He will be at Luhring Augustine signing copies of the new monograph on Saturday March 11th from 10 am – 4pm.

Mattia Bonetti is well known for his extraordinary contribution to contemporary design, which is characterized by a unique combination of materials, forms and stylistic influences. His designs and environments are often described as tangible manifestations of a dream, cleverly combining primitivism and refinement with function and ornament. In this playful synthesis of opposites, he creates a tension between naturalism and the prescriptions of modernism.

The book Drawings is ninety-six pages printed offset on century cotton paper, published by Luhring Augustine and Calluna Farms Press. The monograph consists of sixty-two facsimiled drawings by Mattia Bonetti with an introductory essay by Carol Vogel.

Much like a painter's sketch book, Mattia's drawings are the starting point to his creations, serving also as a means of communicating with his clients. He translates people's fantasies into drawings by pulling from an array of styles to create truly original objects. The furniture he creates from these drawings are usually precise physical renderings, demonstrating the fullness and energy Bonetti puts into them.

Luhring Augustine is also pleased to announce a new installation by the designer will also be on view in the fourth gallery as of March 11. The installation comprises of twelve "flower" tables which are partially color gilded cast resin with a white glass top. Mattia's inspiration for this collection is "the astonishment of the return of spring's flowers blossoming".

For further information please contact Vanessa Daugherty at 212-206-9100


Mattia Bonetti, Abyss, 2004
Mattia Bonetti Drawings
Mattia Bonetti, Polyhedral, 2002
Mattia Bonetti, Cut Out, 2003
Mattia Bonetti, Chest of Drawers ‘Polyhedral'
New installation, 2006
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