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Albert Oehlen -  - Exhibitions - Luhring Augustine

Albert Oehlen


October 19 - November 16, 1996


For the second show of the Fall season, Luhring Augustine will present an exhibition of recent painting by Albert Oehlen. 


Oehlen’s last solo show in New York was at Luhring Augustine in 1992.  Since that time, his work has become more closely tied to computer technologies.  This exhibition will be comprised exclusively of paintings conceived within the virtual space of a computer screen, applied digitally to the physical canvas, and then re-manipulated directly by Oehlen’s hand. 


Albert Oehlen lives and works in Hamburg.  This past year, he was the subject of solo exhibitions at the Renaissance Society, Chicago, and at IVAM, in Valencia, Spain.  Catalogues are forthcoming for both shows.  The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is planning a major exhibition for 1997.


Albert Oehlen October 19th, 1996
Albert Oehlen Disco 2100, 1996
Albert Oehlen Muck Muck, 1996
Albert Oehlen Working in the Garden, 1996
Albert Oehlen Easter Nudes, 1996
Albert Oehlen A Prehistoric Hand, 1996
Albert Oehlen A Foggy Day, 1996
Albert Oehlen Discos, 1996
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