Zarina, Home is a Foreign Place, 1999, portfolio of 36 woodcuts with Urdu text printed in black on Kozo paper, mounted on Somerset paper (detail of Moon)

EXHIBITION 1 seeks to examine how architecture and its geometries enters an artist’s consciousness, their vocabularies, and, in turn, their work. 


With upbringings in Saudi Arabia, Iran, India and Pakistan, the artists in EXHIBITION 1 share the experience of living with Islamic architecture despite originating in vastly different places and environments and leading vastly different lives. How do we respond to the spaces we have experienced and how does that compare to the way we remember them? When memories are recollected, how are they told? How much do history, nostalgia, self-exile and solitude impact the way we visualize our memories? How and when do we share them? 


Whilst the buildings that make up our architectural heritage often remain untouched throughout time, our individual personalities shape the way we perceive them, resulting in a diverse range of expressions. This exhibition explores these artists’ relationship to geometry within their respective vocabulary.