Rachel Whiteread, Place (Village), 2006-08, doll houses, crates, boxes, wood, electrical fixtures, and fittings, and electiricity

Rachel Whiteread’s celebrated artwork Place (Village) (2006-2008) will go on permanent display from Saturday March 25, 2017.  Place (Village) is a sculptural work featuring a ‘community’ of around 150 dolls’ houses which were collected by Whiteread over 20 years. The artwork joins the 100+ dolls’ houses in the Museum collection.


The large-scale artwork is an assembly of vintage dolls’ houses in a variety of architectural styles and averaging around one meter high. The houses will sit on stepped platforms, evoking a sprawling hillside ‘community’. The houses will be lit from within, but deserted, their emptiness evoking haunting memories and melancholy.